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Diverse preschool programs

Give your child the gift of a quality education by enrolling them at As We Grow Preschool for one of our impressive preschool programs. Visit us to see our facility for yourself!

Your toddler is ready to take over the world!


Our toddler teachers provide a fun, safe environment for your child to become more independent and experienced. Your toddler's curiosity will be nurtured here!

Splashers (6 weeks - 12 months olds)

Your 2-year-old is approaching the world more confidently!


Our program is designed to continue to build your child's vocabulary. They will explore our learning centers, including dramatic plays and blocks, and develop an understanding of honesty and generosity by sharing and playing with others.

Swimmers (1 - 2-years old)

You'll find that we have lower prices than other schools.


Your child will be exposed to healthy eating habits by offering a balanced nutrition with whole grains and seasonal, local fruits.


Cameras are set up throughout the facility to ensure your child's safety.

Our early childhood program provides experiences planned around learning centers and themes for nurturing your child's self-esteem, as well as cognitive, social-emotional, physical, and creative development needs.

Swimmers (2 - 3-years old)

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